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Buying Property

Thinking of buying your own property? Whether you are looking at buying property as an investment, or buying a home to live in, we can help you. With an efficient and friendly team of conveyancers, we make buying property easy, affordable, and enjoyable.

Selling Property

Selling property can be a long and complicated task, especially with mortgages and contract obligations. Call CCS Conveyancing to see how we can help make the selling process as painless as possible.

Welcome to CCS Conveyancing

At CCS Conveyancing, our team is dedicated to making your property transactions, easy, quick, and efficient. We pride ourselves on a long history of being one of the best conveyancers in Melbourne, and offer a quality service at an affordable price.

Whether you are a first time buyer, a veteran property investor, or selling your holiday house we can help you with your property transaction. For a free quote, please call Alison at (03) 9723 9634

Services include: